Suzanne Bloks presents her research at national and international conferences.
Find an overview of past and upcoming talks below.

Upcoming Talks

There are currently no forthcoming talks planned.

Past Talks

2021, May 24 - Legislative (In)Capacity to Act: A Proposal for Dual Open-Secret Voting in Legislatures., ECPR Joint Sessions, Online, In collaboration with: D.M. Mokrosinska.

2021, May 6 - The Democratic Legitimacy of Border Coercion., CPP Disputationes Quadrangulae, Bi-Annual Workshop in political and legal philosophy by Leiden & Leuven, Online.

2020, December 11 - The (Un)Bounded Demos: A logical consequence of procedural democratic principles?, Annual Conference of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW), Tilburg University, Online.

2019, November 7 - De gekozen burgemeester via instemmingsverkiezingen [Electing the mayor with approval voting], Young Researchers Event of the Dutch Association of Constitutional Law, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Hague, the Netherlands.

2019, May 3 - Minimum-sized Condorcet Winning Sets in Preference Profiles, Computational Social Choice Seminar, ILLC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2017, December 15 - National Sovereignty: Conceptualising an Essentially Contested Concept, Annual Dutch Constitutional Law Conference: Globalization as a Challenge to National Soveriegnty, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2017, June 8 - Referendums in Representative Democracy: Learning from Social Choice, Dare to Cross Over!, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands.